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As we advance with age, we start to notice shadows, hollows, lines and wrinkles which can make you look older and tired. To help improve the appearance of your cheeks, chin or nose, a simple anti-wrinkle injection or dermal filler treatment can help delay the signs of ageing and restore that youthful appearance.


Starting in your late 20s and early 30s the skin’s ability to protect itself begins to decrease. It needs your help to remain smooth and firm. Anti-wrinkle injections are a fast, effective and affordable solution to combat the skin’s ageing process. They have the best results when used as a preventative measure, but can also be used to reduce the severity of existing visible wrinkles.


As we become older, our bodies’ ability to produce collagen and elastin decreases. These substances are responsible for helping us keep a young, plump, fresh look. The lack of collagen and elastin often leads to loss of volume in the face. Dermal fillers work by adding volume to the affected areas. They are used to fill creases, folds, age lines, depressions and even acne or surgery scars.

Platelet Rich Therapy

Platelet Rich Therapy or PRP utilises our body’s own healing potential to stimulate natural skin rejuvenation without the use of chemicals. PRP has a thickening and tightening effect on the skin, giving a youthful glow. The plasma we inject contains platelet cells that are responsible for releasing growth factors and attracting the stem cells that create new skin cells and collagen.

PRP is a bioactive stimulator, not filler which thickens the collagen to give firmer, younger looking skin. PRP Treatment is ideal for: Creepy Neck, Eye area, Fine lines and wrinkles, Textural improvement, Dull dry skin, Backs of hands, Full face rejuvenation, Décolletage & other areas requiring thickening the skin.

Medical Dermapen & Skin Booster Treatments

As we age , our skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin decreases. These substances are responsible for helping us keep a young, plump, fresh look. The lack of collagen and elastin  leads to dull, thin and dehydrated skin.  Skin boosters will rehydrate,  recollagenate and elasticise your skin producing a a healthy glow. In addition, these conditions treat  age and skin lines, skin depressions, acne , scars, ageing skin

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Dr Ros has extensive experience on the face, neck, décolletage , hands and body. She will work with you to help create a beautiful aesthetic result whether it be lifting or volumising your cheeks, defining or filling your lips, reversing jowls and sad mouth by filling or lifting and many other face and neck procedures.

Fat Dissolving Injections

This is a non-surgical procedure where tiny injections of medications are administered directly into the areas of fat. The treatment causes the fat cells to melt away and then dissolve, with the remaining cellular material being reabsorbed or metabolised by the body. It is considered a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to liposuction for treatment of pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. The active ingredients that make the fat cells melt away are called Phosphatidylcholine (“PPC”) and Deoxycholine which lyse the fat cell walls allowing the fat inside the cells to be released, metabolized and excreted by the body in urine. A complex of B vitamins is added to the injection to assist the liver as it breaks down the fat.

The V Lift Treatment

This treatment makes use of polydioxanone suture threads which has been used for years in heart and ophthalmological surgery. PDO threads are biocompatible and absorbable. They are inserted in the dermis and induce collagen which tightens and smoothes the skin, providing a facelift-like effect. PDO threads are absorbed by the body 6 -8 months after insertion. The collagen fibres stay for a longer time, providing further tightening and smoothing effects witha duration of 12-18 months . PDO Thread Lift is recommended when the first signs of flaccidity, skin sag or loss of the face’s oval shape show up. The appropriate areas to apply this treatment are the forehead, cheeks, jawline and neck.

PDO Nose Thread Lift

PDO Nose ThreadLift is a popular safe non-surgical way of enhancing the shape of the nose and improving its contours, without any surgery. Compared to traditional rhinoplasty  involving surgery and incisions, this procedure is non-surgical, minimally invasive with low downtime. It is able to raise the nose bridge and nose tip making it higher, straighter and more defined without invasive nose implant surgery. After doing the PDO Threadlift the nose appears slimmer and more elegant. It is especially suited to straighten the nose and to improve contour.

Non Surgical Face Lift

Whether you are after a Non invasive Cheek Lift or Jowl Lift , maybe a Fox Eye Lift or Cat Eye Lift ; Caves Beach Surgery & Kotara Skin & Beauty are unique as Nonsurgical Facelift Clinics in the Newcastle Lake Macquarie Area. Dr Roslyn Sue Fong performs all of the Nonsurgical Face Lifts as one of the most experienced Cosmetic Doctors in the area.

Non surgical facelifts also known as Thread Facelift or PDO Thread lift or V Lift work to lift and define key areas of the face. Thread Lifts like a Neck Lift , Eyebrow Lift , Jowl Lift or Cheek Lift and Nose Thread Lift can be used to lift saggy skin or add definition.

Thread lift for the Cheeks can create higher cheek bones while Thread lift for the Jaw line can enhance jaw definition. Dr Ros is also experienced in Eyebrow thread lifts and Thread lift for the Nose. Non surgical facelifts are an amazing way to restore and lift tissue that has been drawn down with age.