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Price List

Anti-wrinkle Injections

Eyebrow Lift

Lip Flip

Nasal Bunny Lines


Gummy Smile

Cheek Lines

Forehead Lines

Frown Lines

Crows Feet

Jaw Line Lift

Neck Lift

Face Slimming

Underarm Sweating







$110.00 - $140.00+


$190.00 - $240+





V2 Skin Boosters & Medical Grade Dermapen

Skin Hydration Boost

Pigment & Pores Skin Boost

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Skin Boost

Combination (PRP) + Hyaluronic Filler + Skin Booster





*For optimal results 3 – 6 monthly treatments are recommended

Ideal for Face, Neck and Decolletage. Hydrates, Tightens, Regenerates Collagen, improves Elasticity producing a soft youthful glow. Restores natural growth factors back into the skin. No lasers required.

Dermal Fillers

**longer duration with subsequent treatments.**



*Suitable for smoker’s lines, smile lines and lips refresher.

Dermal Volume Fillers

Thicker Premium Fillers last 3-6 months including stimulating collagen

**longer duration with subsequent treatments**






$950.00 save $40.00

$1420.00 save $80.00

$1900.00 save $120.00

*Suitable for lip volume, Cheek lift, hollow of cheeks, jowl lifting, jaw definition, sad mouth reversal, marionette lines, eyebrow filling and temple hollowing.

Dermal Volume Lifters and Shapers

Thickest Ultimate Fillers last 12-18 months continue to increase collagen formation.

**longer duration with subsequent treatments**






$1250.00 save $50.00

$1850.00 save $100.00

$2400.00 save $200.00

*Suitable for females > 40 and all men. Lifts and fills cheek hollows, Jowl lifts, Jawline definition, reverse sad mouth or puppet mouth, skin of hands. Rebuild chin and jawline in men.

Hair Loss Treatments for Men & Women

PRP Hair Boost

Steroid Stimulating Injections

$550.00 per vial


Recommended treatment plan: Monthly treatments for 6 months then recommend maintenance treatments at 6-month intervals.