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PRP Nonsurgical Face Lift for your Skin

PRP Nonsurgical Face Lift for your Skin


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is concentrated blood plasma that contains approximately 3 to 5 times the number of platelets found in normal circulating blood. In addition, it contains growth factors and other bioactive proteins that help in the rejuvenation of skin.

PRP is a facial rejuvenation treatment that uses your own plasma to stimulate collagen production allowing for the elimination of lines, folds, and wrinkles. Results from PRP therapy are natural looking and subtle, and they can last for 1-2 years . What’s more, PRP is minimally invasive, has no risk of allergic reaction, and can be used to treat nearly any area of the body without risks of side-effects

PRP is a treatment that involves injecting a concentrated solution of a patient’s own platelets into the skin to promote healing and regeneration.

One study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2019 evaluated the efficacy of PRP treatment for periorbital rejuvenation in 20 patients. The study found that PRP treatment resulted in a significant improvement in skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eyes .

Another study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery in 2017 evaluated the use of PRP for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes. The study found that PRP treatment resulted in a significant improvement in skin color and texture. The results do require repeat monthly treatments.

Overall, there is some evidence to suggest that PRP treatment may be effective for periocular skin rejuvenation, It is important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider before undergoing any cosmetic treatment.🩸



The body cells which aid the tissue in healing and producing new cells are called Platelets. PRP is injected into targeted areas of the skin and then forms an environment which helps in growing collagen, regenerates the tissues and makes your skin smooth and tight. PRP softens wrinkles and creates skin texture and tone that is smoother, younger and better.


  • Lines and skin folds are a common sight on the tired skin, especially around mouth area or plump lips. These are filled by the solid materials of Hyaluronic acid fillers, Dermal fillers can last from 6-18 months
  • PRP stimulates collagen to grow and to engineer a total facial rejuvenation . It is used to brighten and plump tired skin and to improve skin tone making the skin tight and smooth, and fill in crepey skin areas
  • PRP treatment for skin can be done in tandem with Hyaluronic fillers .These two complement each other in order . What fillers cannot do is done by the PRP treatment, for e.g. Fillers helps in removing lines and folds and PRP focuses on enhancing skin tone and improving skin texture making it tight & smooth


The PRP treatment is a simple, safe procedure.



Once the PRP treatment procedure is over, you can expect the following things to occur:

  • One might face a bit of swelling on the treated area with a bit of redness.
  • Be prepared for bruises at the targeted areas but it will go away in a few days
  • Minimal to no side effects as platelets are made from the patient’s body cells
  • Normal work or home duties .However, try to avoid any heavy work load for a couple of days
  • Advised to Keep the Skin Hydrated
  • use ample moisturizers to protect your skin for long



It is ideal to undergo three treatments with a gap of four to six weeks in order to get the maximum output of PRP skin rejuvenation treatment. Post treatment, the first effect will appear in the first month when you will experience the improvement in the skin texture. Most of the collagen is reproduced in about 3 months after the treatment is finished. When that happens, one can experience youthfulness of skin which is amply lifted and has lesser wrinkles or lines. The effects of PRP treatment will stay up to a couple of years. However, it is suggested to visit your doctor at the end of year and discuss how the effects can be sustained for longer. Some people usually go for touch ups each year to keep their skin intact.



  • Non-Invasive : PRP is a non-surgical process. The platelet-rich plasma extracted from the patient’s blood sample is simply injected into the area to be treated with a small needle.
  • Quick : Since it’s a non-invasive process, PRP treatments can sometimes take, as less as 30 minutes. Once the platelet-rich plasma is activated, it mimics an injury response in the body. Healing and growth factors work to remodel the epidermis and enhance the texture and appearance of the skin. As the body begins to produce natural collagen in the affected area, results are noticed within the first few weeks following the first treatment, and the skin’s appearance continues to improve over time.
  • Long Lasting : The process is quick, but the result is just the opposite. For optimal results, three or four treatments may be recommended, after which the benefits will continue to be visible for up to 18 months or more.
  • All Natural : Your body naturally produces the ingredients necessary to rejuvenate your skin. Every treatment is formulated using blood from the patient’s own body. This means there is no chance of allergic reaction, infection, or rejection of the treatment– the same can’t be said of synthetic fillers.



A cosmetic procedure is available to patients who want to surgically reposition the facial tissues that have loosened over time. The Vampire Facelift uses injections of the patient’s own blood through a technology known as Selphyl.

This procedure involves extracting blood from your arm and then spinning the blood sample in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. The blood cells are then re-injected into the skin with a very fine needle, and only injected into the areas that need to be filled out or restored. These injections are performed in conjunction with fat injections to create a smooth, rounder and plumper appearance.

The term Vampire Facelift™ was trademarked by an Alabama-based physician, Dr. Charles Runnels. A Vampire Facelift™ is a combination treatment that incorporates PRP with the appropriate hyaluronic acid injectable fillers based on the patient’s specific needs to produce the most optimal results. The combination of hyaluronic acid fillers and PRP can address even deeper folds and wrinkles, producing a softer and significantly more youthful appearance that can last for 9-12 months. This option is often best for men and women who have more pronounced signs of aging due to smoking, excessive sun exposure, and other environmental and genetic factors.



This is one of the safest and non-invasive US FDA approved services that stimulate collagen production, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines, sagging skin and also rejuvenate skin making it look youthful. In this service, your body’s own plasma that is rich in platelets is used to naturally rejuvenate the skin. The blood platelets release ‘growth factors’ which help stimulate collagen production, diminishing the effects of aging on your skin. This service is natural and with no downtime.

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