How to Lift , Tighten and Support Ageing Skin ? - Dr Ros
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How to Lift , Tighten and Support Ageing Skin ?

How to Lift , Tighten and Support Ageing Skin ?

With ageing our skin and support structures deteriorate. Continued use of the facial muscles weakens and stretches out the supporting ligaments, the collagen and elastin fibres causing the skin to flatten , sag and thin out.

Good news! We now have a safe nonsurgical way of thickening and lifting the skin and it’s support tissues.




Threading of the face is not new; threads were used before HA fillers or toxin were invented.

However older threads with barbs required cutting and suture and were often associated with complications.

These new PDO threads consist of Polydioxanone suture material which is an i absorbable thread that is used to bring together wound edges prior to healing. We know that it creates short-term collagen, collagen 3 which then is modified into the more stretchy, long-term collagen, collagen.


PDO Threads


PDO threads are used as either small free-floating threads that are inserted underneath the skin, or longer threads with some form of attachment mechanism such as cogs. These can grab the underlying tissues and allow some tightening. The main action of PDO threads is brought about by their collagen activating capacity extent the tightening capacity.

The more threads that are used the better results that are achieved. PDO threads are inserted over a wide area of the face , neck and body to achieve volume, freshness and a gentle lift. The results last around 12 months, with often more PDO threads inserted in layers to achieve optimal results.